Open letter to MailerLite about adding subscriber to groups BEFORE sending double opt-in confirmation email

Thanks for taking your time replying to my twitter feedback. I just want to state that I was very excited to become a new MailerLite customer and worked hard converting all my plugins to consume messages from MailerLite, instead of my current provider (MailChimp). We were planing to migrate our 8k subscribers to MailerLite in the first weekend of September (next week).
Even having a bumpy path, having an open ticked from 3 weeks with an issue in your webhook response, still not resolved (actually barely responded), I was still considering moving forward, because I had a workaround for that issue (since the issue is with the Fields inner collection, but I’m only using the email address). I was also VERY concerned about your announcement of changing your group architecture, moving it to tags instead, what would blow up all my plan, but wisely you dropped this idea. I was excited having tags, but not replacing groups. I was expecting having tags just added to groups, but this is a separated conversation, not related to the reason that I dropped MailerLite.
My lead generation process works like this:
1. The potential new subscriber goes to a lead generation page, entering their email address in a mailerlite embedded form, and pressing the submit button
2. After confirming their intention in the double opt-in, they are added to a MailerLite group
3. MailerLite sends a configured webhook message to my application (endpoint configured in your helper UI tool)
4. My system checks if the user already exist or not. If doesn’t exist, creates on the fly a new account and sends an email with the user and password to the new client. If the user already exist, reset the password and sends the new password to the client.
Based on what your support told me, if a subscriber already exist in one of my groups, as soon as the subscriber clicks the submit button in the embedded form, the subscriber is automatically added to the group, and a webhook message is sent to my system. However you ALSO send a confirmation email (double opt in) to the subscriber. When the subscriber confirms the confirmation email, another webhook message is sent to my system, and because now the user already exists, the password is reset and an email with the new password is submitted.
That doesn’t any sense to me. What would make sense is that since the group is configured with a double opt-in, only add the subscriber to the group AFTER the confirmation is completed, and double opt-in conformed. Why not adding the subscriber to the group (and sending the webhook message) only after the subscriber only after double opt-in confirmation is confirmed? If the user doesn’t confirm the user will be already part of the group, and the main purpose of the double opt-in is killed. Why having a double opt-in message if the subscriber is actually part of the group already? Doesn’t make sense.
As a side effect, two webhook messages are sent to the system for the same subscriber!
Your support representative said that you had to make a decision when developing your system, about sending or not the double opt-in email when the subscriber was already in another group. In my humble opinion, that would be extremely easy to add an option in the group configuration if the email should be sent or not. It doesn’t have to be black or white. However, I would question adding subscribers groups without a confirmation email if a double opt-in for that group is configured as ON. Bored people (or dirty competitors) can easily send requests using other people’s emails. If they are already part of the system, my business is screwed, since people will start receiving autoresponder messages about groups that they didn’t subscribe.
I do want all my groups to be double opt-ins, because this is the best practice and this makes my lists cleaner, healthier and confirm more interested/motivated subscribers.
Myself and my partner were very frustrated on this whole process, and were not expecting this outcome. We already decided to stay with MailChimp, because we can’t afford removing the double opt-in from our lists, and also can’t generate two messages to our clients because of your workflow. That would be too confusing for them.
Don’t take me wrong. I am not against you guys. I honestly loved your system, but we can’t live with this design process.